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Here in the hills of Alta Maremma, between Siena and the coast, you will find wonderful views, interesting uphills and fun downhills. The beautiful rugged landscape guarantees thrilling mountain biking! The trails that surround Bike Hotel Prategiano give mountain bikers a unique experience of  green countryside, freedom and thrill.

You will find small medieval villages, wide dirt roads and 500 km of well-signed single trails in nature parks and protected areas. Many bike tours start and finish at Prategiano. This region, with its endless miles of quiet asphalt roads, is also ideal for cycling. At lunch time you have the opportunity to join the horseback riders and hikers for a picnic in the countryside. If you would like to spend a bike-free afternoon, you may hitch a ride back to the hotel in hills of Tuscany with the picnic bus
MTB tour "VILLA ANQUA": A small climb upwards and you leave the hills behind.  After biking along a dirt track in the beautiful Maremma Tuscan landscape, you will face a difficult descent, a real rush of adrenalin for those wishing to test their speed.  Along the way you will see the villa of Anqua, the Etruscan baths of Galleraie, and finally, you will pass through the picturesque village of Travale. Altitude Difference: 950m;  Kilometers: 49km.
Mountain bike route "ABBEY OF SAN GALGANO": After the descent into the valley of the River Merse, you will bike along fields and meadows.  You will then arrive at the San Galgano, one of the most famous abbey ruins of Italy.  From here, you will follow the ancient road "l'Antica Strada della Maremma", passing the ruins of former posting houses and Luriano Castle.  Altitude Difference: 950m; Total kilometers 41.8: - Tarmac Road 11.8km, Dirt Track 13.2km and Trail 16.8km.

Bike trails "NATURAL PARK OF SCARLINO": A seemingly endless web of trails cross each other in the Mediterranean "Macchia". The trails lead along coastal shelves and lonely sandy beaches, finally arriving at the cliffs which will take you down to one of the most beautiful beaches in Maremma Tuscany. Kilometers and Altitude: flexible
Most of our clients choose our hotel for mountain biking, horse riding or cycling. But the Prategiano is also an ideal starting point to get to know the stunning area between Siena, Florence, Grosseto, Volterra, San Gimignano and the coast. Enjoy also the relaxed atmosphere in the nearby authentic rather unknown villages. Nearby there are several nature reserves such as “ Le Cornate” or “Bandite di Scarlino”; hot springs like “Petriolo” or “Calidario”; and many beaches. Together, these highlights contribute to the beauty of Maremma Toscana. Already upon arrival, the stunning hilly Tuscan view and fresh air leave you no reason not to fall in love with this remote region of Italy. Your vacations here in Maremma Tuscany will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

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